Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sam's OT Session

I have been recording a lot of Sam's therapy sessions since he started early Intervention almost 2 years ago. Now that Duke is coming up really quick (1 week from today)we have been taping more frequently to see if we can track his progress pre and post stem cell infusion. This is a video from one of Sam's occupational therapy sessions with Keith. Thank g-d Keith loves Sam because he hates dealing with me as I am one of the biggest PIAs ever. Keith happens to be an AMAZING OT and we feel very very lucky to have him working with Sam.

In this clip Keith is working on building Sam's upper body strength. Sam has a difficult time bearing weight through his arms but he tries so hard and is such a sport about participating in all of his therapy. Sometimes Sam needs a little pep talk from mama to complete a task. See for yourselves...


Anonymous said...

Couldn't be prouder of you both...

jch said...

incredible, carrie. thanks for sharing this with us. i love that sam seems so willing to give it a go. so strong.

Barbara said...

Bless you all!!! He did so well, we are all sitting here rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

sam- is the most amazing one!!!!
we pray that someday
soon-everything will
come easier for sam
sam - you are loved
so much-
all our prayers and
thoughts are with
you and your amazing parents
hope to see all of you

you have the biggest cheering

to cheer you on
go sam!!!!!
love ya
aunt maddy, uncle lenny
cousins eric, lindsay
and soon to be cousin

Anonymous said...

What a sight!!!!
The little man is going to show the all world what he 's up to!!
can't wait and see the outcomes of the post stem cell infusion.
Good luck.
Our prays are with you guys.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, Carrie!!! Look how strong he is getting and he is so very beautiful! Christine, Bea and I are all watching and crying because we are so proud of him. i CAN'T even imagine how you feel. So glad I get to share this. As always, I wish we were so much closer and could give you, Sam, and Scott BIG hugs and kisses! Good luck with the infusion. When exactly does that happen? That is exciting.We are always keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and sending you love love love!!! i read your thoughts on all the different phases of who you are and can totally relate. I love being a mommy but it is so important to me that I can still be me, a wife, lover, and best friend to Josh, and everything else I need and want to be - CRAZY, INSANE, ETC. HA! I love you, Carrie and you are an amazing soul, when i first met you, now, and always. You were so kind and welcoming to me when I fitst met Josh and I will never forget that. He loves you like family, as I do! Rock on, mommy, beautiful woman, and loyal friend, I love you.