Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Trip!

As we get ready for one of the most exciting road trips of our entire lives I feel myself getting overwhelmingly stressed out about what we have to bring. We have to travel very very heavy with Sam. Just to share how heavy here is a list of some of the things we have to bring...
Suction machine (which we only use maybe 2-3 times a day now if that YAY!)
suction catheters
2 basins for the suction machine
extra tubing for the suction machine
Feeding pump
feeding bags
special fromula that can only be ordered
extra g-tube extension tubing
Extra G tube just in case Sam's pops out
Surgical lube
venting tubes
medical gloves
Syringes (5ml, 10 ml, 20 ml and 60 ml)
2x2 split gauze pads
Ointment for the g-tube site
O2 (just in case)
Pulse Oximeter
Plus all of the regular baby stuff one would need to travel with. Hmmmm wonder if am forgetting anything. Anyone have any ideas????

OK now Sam is going to be watching a ton of movies and we (Scott, me and Jeff) are going to be listening to music. I have started organizing my ipod into different travel mixes that we all might like. Now Scott and Jeff (our brother-in-law) are dorks so they may not like anything too cool lol.... Any suggestions of travel songs. Oh by the way the reason why Jeff is coming is Scott cannot drive 5 minutes without getting lost or falling asleep behind the wheel so Jeff will be there to help me drive, bring on some moral support, positive energy, and help out with whatever else we may need. He is such a trooper to offer to come. We love you Jeff... Thanks a bunch!


Anonymous said...

Any Dead, Marshall Tucker and Allman brothers...always good driving music. Love, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Holiday Road from National Lampoons Vacation (original of course).

MOcking Bird so we annoy Jeff.

I guess I have it easy as I will be sleeping for most of the trip assuming Sam does as well.

Barbara said...

When we traveled with John we got the supply company to get us plugs for the car to charge the vent and the suction machine. I think the suction has a long lasting battery but its always good to have back up.

Good luck with your travels! You sure have your hands full!

Don't forget the DVD's!!!
Insurance cards
And water for the ride! You will get thirsty!


Anonymous said...

have a safe trip!!!!
good luck
our thoughts will be
you along with many
i think sam
should be in control
of the music
while driving
love ya
aunt maddy

kristi said...

I hope your trip goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you!!! Sending positive thoughts full of hugs and kisses!!!

the Jaffes

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys. Hope everything is going well. Love and prayers.

The Keeps