Thursday, December 10, 2009


Duke is a definite. We are taking Sam down there in the middle of January. We would really appreciate every one's thoughts and prayers that all goes smoothly. Sam needs to be healthy, healthy, healthy in order for him to receive another re-infusion of stem cells so please pray for his health. I have a lot of different thoughts and feelings about this. I just hope that this re-infusion brings Sam to a better place in his development. We have seen a lot of progress since his first re-infusion; however, the jury is still out if it is the stem cells or all of the therapy he has been getting. I can get into specifics another time. Thanks so much for continuing to stop in. I know I have not been the best updater lately :).

Monday, December 7, 2009


Where to begin. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Since I last posted we had a tough run in with Sam's feedings again. We changed his feedings to increase his caloric content and nutritional value. Needless to say it did not work and Sam was in a bad way for about a month. Because of his intolerance to the new formula he vomited a lot. At one point he vomited on his bus on the way home from school, aspirated, lost conciousness, and needed to be rushed to the hospital.

We are in a much better place now with Sam. He is doing amazing in school. He is talking using a computer, walking using a special walker, and all of the girls love him in his class (he's the only boy). You know that they say...pimpin ain't easy!

Judah is a Buddah. He is almost six months and weighs about 20 pounds. He is holding his own bottle, pushing up on all fours, crawling backwards and can sit by himself. Go figure... He is a happy little guy that just loves his big brother.

Scott's doing well. He just had someone put in storage units into the garage so he is as happy as can be. He has been organizing ever since. The OCD has kicked in overdrive. Personally I'd rather have light fixtures in my kitchen and dining room... Oh well, pick and choose Carrie, pick and choose.

I am working, working, working, and working. By the way did I mention that I was working. I am happy to be working again. It is very difficult to balance everything but I think I have the swing of things at the moment. I am doing some hours at a local hospital, seeing private patients, and teaching grad classes again. I am almost done with this semester and in 2 weeks I do another semester.

On a side note... Scott touched base with Duke and it looks like we are going back down there in January to use the rest of Sam's stem cells. Apparently there is a high correlation between the amount of cells one uses and an increase in progress. They suggested that we go down there so it looks like we are headed there next month.