Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last Weekend in Brooklyn

Scott's Pen

This morning I took Sam on our usual morning walk to the bagel store. It’s a great Saturday morning tradition Sam and I started doing since he was born. Then it hit me as I left, this is our last morning walk and we will start a new Saturday morning tradition in Livingston.

It is strange, sad, amazing etc to reflect back on the past three years we have been living in Brooklyn. We came here for a reason, to give my son the best chance in life he can have to walk, talk, eat, sit up, smile etc, and we leave with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Sam…you did it. When we did not know whether or not you would make it through the night you did, when we did not know whether or not you would ever smile you did, when we did not know whether or not you would sit up you did and your mother and I love you sooo much and are sooo proud of you.

I know that the next three years will be just as amazing as the past (I will leave out the heartache as this is a happy blog post).

I want everyone to know how much I appreciate what each of you have done for us over the past three years.

Dad and Mary, while I may not say it, I am very grateful that you gave up on selling this house and letting us move in without hesitation. It is because of this house and living in Brooklyn that we were able to give Sam as much as we did.

Dad and Mom, thank you for driving from NJ every Sunday through S.I. over the Verrazano and on the Belt in hours of traffic to bring us food, diapers and loving company. It really broke up the weekly routine and gave us and Sam something to look forward to.

Mom, thank you for sleeping in the "dungeon" and flying at a moments notice from FL to NY to be with us at the emergency room and just to cook your amazing dinners and spoil us.

Therapists, thank you for working tirelessly to push our son to do all he could and then some. Thank you for breaking through those plateaus when reached and striving for nothing but perfection from our son.

Nurses, thank you for sleeping next to our baby and providing us with the comfort knowing that Sam would get through the next day. You allowed for us to relax at times and when needed. Mada and Carlene, a special thanks to you. You are family and we love you.

Doctors, thank you for taking our late night calls and seeing us without an appt. Thank you for giving us the encouragement to continue to move forward and thank you for keeping our son alive.

Friends and family, thank you for schlepping to Brooklyn to give us company and a sense of normalcy. Thank you for opening your homes and hearts when we needed it most.

We now leave for the next chapter in the Leshin Family saga, hopefully with less drama. We came with a 3 month old and we leave with a 3 year old and 3 week old. WOW….