Thursday, December 10, 2009


Duke is a definite. We are taking Sam down there in the middle of January. We would really appreciate every one's thoughts and prayers that all goes smoothly. Sam needs to be healthy, healthy, healthy in order for him to receive another re-infusion of stem cells so please pray for his health. I have a lot of different thoughts and feelings about this. I just hope that this re-infusion brings Sam to a better place in his development. We have seen a lot of progress since his first re-infusion; however, the jury is still out if it is the stem cells or all of the therapy he has been getting. I can get into specifics another time. Thanks so much for continuing to stop in. I know I have not been the best updater lately :).


Debbie said...

All our love and support going out to you four! We love you and are so excited that you have this opportunity to take him there again! Hope to see you before then -- maybe at "The Princess and the Frog"???????

AmberlyThrower said...
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Anonymous said...

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