Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Did It!!!

I just changed Scott's cell phone ring. It is freaking hysterical. Probably sooooo inappropriate for the corporate world but oh well... I changed the ring to "Push It" Salt -n- Peppa style... Oh man he is going to be so embarrassed. Maybe he will comment after his phone rings while he's at work. We shall see...


Anonymous said...

Ding..Round Two

Keep us posted, Kiddo

Carrie said...

Putsy forgot to take his phone to work with him today. So I changed the song again to I'm too sexy. It is so much more annoying LOL...

Anonymous said...

You know what will be even funnier is me changing my direct deposit account from work to an individual acct at a different bank.

Enjoy shopping missy.

Anonymous said...

you are so amazing!!!!
help me find ways
to goof on uncle lenny-
but he doesn't have a cell phone
you are my type of girl
i am so glad you are part
of our family- you make being
a leshin fun and more
love ya
aunt maddy

Anonymous said...

You guys are a riot!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

My Papa is not doing well so if we can all please pray for his remaining days/weeks to be comfortable and painless my family will appreciate it.

He is a great man and I am very close with him. He has been a very important person in my life and I learned a great deal from him.

Papa, I love you. Please let your strength pass to my son.


Anonymous said...

scott- i should of includedyou
in my last comment- you are amazing
i pray for your grandpa eddie
that he doesn't suffer
and i pray for all of you
that one day soon the sun
will shine bright
and someday soon all
will be right-
love always
aunt maddy