Saturday, July 7, 2007

What is normal?

What is normal anyway??? According to any standard dictionary the word normal means
conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.
Serving to establish a standard. I think getting to the level of acceptance when you are faced with issues such as ours is establishing your own set of norms. Many people in our lives including my husband and I often say phrases such as "Well, if this was normal..." or "If Sam was a normal child...." This is our normal. We don't know any different and neither does Sam. Normal to us is Sam's feeding tube, suctioning machine, floppy body, crooked smile, open mouth posture... Sam's milestones and successes may be different from other children's, but its 100% normal for us. We relish in the fact that Sam is reaching and sitting even if its for very small amount of time. Every tiny bit of progress is a miracle in our eyes. Yesterday Sam sat unassisted while I sang the entire song of "Down on Grandpa's Farm" using four different animals. Today while Sam was in the exersaucer he started to get fussy so I said "Tell mama out" and sure enough he said "ou" while reaching up.


Meri said...

Well said. I look forward to reading these everyday.

Nicole said...

It is so cute. I love the names of toys like the exersaucer. Seems like a lot of progress lately. That's amazing. I love the pictures, too. Keep posting them. Thanks and love you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie, My sister Joy, Kelly's mom, fowarded your blog, because I am always asking her; how is Carrie's baby, What's new with Sam?

To see the milestones and success that Sam has made in the past year is amazing. While reading your blog tears were flowing because it was reminicent of when we found out Shaun was autistic.

He too, went through all the therapies. Early Intervention. Special school. He worked so hard to get to where he is today, but this is his life. He doesn't know any difference. This has been our lives as well. Like you said what is normal anyway. Shaun is perfect. He is so special and came so far with all his hard work.

To see the pictures of Sam and see how well he is doing is a gift.

You know that saying God only gives you what you can handle. Well Sam is fortunate that he has you as his Mom.
Aunt Shelley

Kelly said...

Very touching and very true!

Dad said...

This is the first I am commenting on my family's own blog. I have so much to say yet I am in my office surrounded by people and I do not want to get emotional. In time, you will hear from me. Scary but should make for good reading. Sam is amazing and when I need to smile at work, I pull up a picture of him and all else seems irrelevant (and it is). However, the most important and special person is my wife. Everday day no matter how tired or defeated she feels she runs into his room, smiles, grabs his tush and kisses him until he screams. That is why Sam is doing so well and will continue to do so well. Sam and I owe everything that we have accomplished as a family to Carrie. AMAZING does not do justice to describe her. She is so smart and knows exactly what to do everyday with Sam, be it his therapists, doctors or simply taking it easy in his play room with a book and some toys.

In two weeks he will be 1 year old. Time went by very strange over the past year. Too fast, not fast enough etc. We didn't know that he would survive this long but now we rest assured every night with confidence (and prayer) that his progress will continue until one day he can sit down with all the people that are part of his life at the corner table at Sparks in midtown eat their smoked salmon appetizer (off the menu) lobster and a NY Strip with cheesecake for desert.

I will gladly pick up the tab.

Thank you all for your support especially the grandparents and sisters and brothers. You are just as important to Sam's progress as are his therapists and doctors. Sounds cheesy but love will get us all through this, especially Sammy. said...

Sam looks soooooo adorable in all of his pictures. The cutest baby!

Electra said...

Great work.