Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I haven't posted in a while because Sam, Scott and I were all sick for the last few days. We are all fine now, just a cold virusy thing that lasted for only a few days. Anyway, a lot of people have been giving us credit for working so hard to find Sam the best team of health care professionals. We honestly cannot take much of the credit. Believe it or not through prayer and a bit of luck most of Sam's health care providers literally fell into our laps. While Sam was still in the hospital and Scott and I were contemplating moving to Brooklyn, my mother was in the midst of selling her house in NJ. My mother's real estate agent is the wife of a great pediatrician, Dr. Koplow, in Brooklyn. She insisted my mom call him and talk to him about Sam. To make a long story short we moved to Brooklyn and Dr. Koplow is Sam's pediatrician. He referred us to some of Sam's specialists who are also fantastic. On a side note there are a lot of friends and visitors out there that ask me a lot of developmental questions about their children. I would be happy to help in anyway I could but to be honest I get a lot of information from Dr. Koplow's website. Our pediatrician has an amazing informative website with links that could guide a parent to a wealth of information from breastfeeding to vaccinations to autism to bone marrow transplants. The website has a lot of video commentary from some of the leading researchers working on the hottest topics in children's health and development.

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