Monday, July 30, 2007

Sam's Birthday!!!

We had Sam's birthday party this past Saturday. Thank god Sam did really well. He truly enjoyed himself and it did not rain!!! We had all sorts of fun things going on for him at his party. Sam got to see all of his friends and family. We also had some old visitors come to sing to Sam. While Sam was in the hospital these two wonderful women use to come and do music therapy with Sam. This is how I realized that Sam might not be deaf after all. We were told initially that Sam was completely deaf in his left ear and had a moderate to severe hearing loss in his right ear. But when these women sang to him he lit up like a Fourth of July Sky. So I hunted these ladies down and got them to sing for Sam's birthday. He loved it. We also had Elmo come to play as well. If you haven't noticed Sam loves Elmo. Scott and I wanted to thank all of the grandparents for helping to make such a beautiful party for Sam and we also wanted to thank all of our friends and family for coming to celebrate with us as well.


Anonymous said...

We loved everything - !

Mostly - I loved when Sam held his arms straight up to go to ELMO !
That Boy knows what he likes & wants - !

Alise said...

We are so sorry we missed his party but we enjoyed spending the day before with him! With everyones busy schedules we take what we can when we can! So long as Sam keeps looking for his big cousins thats all that matters!