Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please Help My Friend!

Hello everyone! I am once again coming to you asking for your help. I am not however coming on Samuel's behalf this time or at least this week. Let me share a little with you first.

I have met through an internet group for Moms with special needs children, a great friend. Her name is Susan and she has an adorable little girl named Reiley, this family lives in AZ. Reiley is like Sam in the fact that she has a lot of the same health problems, feeding, swallowing, developmental delays etc... and she is undiagnosed at this time. Reiley's biggest challenge is eating. She also has a feeding tube that gives her 90-100% of her nutrition. Reiley's doctors want to send her to VA and/or Ohio soon. There is a great feeding clinic and some doctors that may be able to FINALLY get her a diagnosis. For these kids having a diagnosis is crucial, you can not properly treat or even get the correct therapy if you do not know what you are fighting. Susan and I have made a great connection and have become great friends.

So why am I telling you about lil Miss Reiley?? Because as so many of you are aware of through our journey this can get costly and scary. Insurance does pay for the medical aspect but it does not help with gas, lodging, and food. Remember I said they live in AZ and are traveling to VA and OH. There is a medical fund set up for Reiley if you are able to help. There is also a couple of nice people that are donating a portion of sales from there business. These businesses are Tupperware and Brown Bag(adult items). I have links to these 2 pages if you are interested in buying something. I am adding a link at the end of this to Reiley's page so you can read more about this sweet little girl.
Please know that I am not one to ask my family and friends to make monetary donations for just anyone or anything, but I have made a strong connection with this family. If you are unable to donate then I am asking you to PLEASE pray for this family. Pray for wisdom to the doctors and for God to guide the specialists. Pray for strength as this is the hardest thing to go through as a parent. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read about Reiley.

Love to all,

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