Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the Waiting Room...

We took Sam for his pre-op appointment this morning. Usually when I have to take Sam anywhere I become overwhelmed with anxiety. Lately, I have been trying to practice something new. I say a mantra over and over in my head that goes something like this: "Sam is brave, Sam is strong, I am brave, I am strong, everything will be OK, its going to be a great day."

Now I knew today's appointment wasn't going to be fun as they needed to take blood from my little man, and he did cry and scream for quite some time. To be honest though, it really wasn't that bad. We went through the motions one breath at a time and before I knew it Sam fell asleep and we came home. All the while I continued to focus on the positives and tried to reflect positive energy on whoever I needed to make contact with. It worked pretty nicely as they took us in immediately, gave us an extra hand and did not keep us longer than necessary. It takes a lot of work and energy for me to be so positive especially in these types of stressful situations so to be honest I wasn't 100% light and fluffy.

After we came out of the pre-op room we had to wait to talk to anesthesia all the while Sam was screaming and choking with his feeding tube dangling and suction machine going... Anyway, almost everyone in the waiting room was so BLATANTLY staring at us. I don't normally care when people stare at us, I'm use to it, I know they are looking at how unbelievably beautiful I am ;) . But at that moment I had my bitch hat on and I sure enough let it loose. I turned and stared back, but this one particular family continued to stare, so I said really loud "Are you enjoying the show?" I mean, come on... How rude and inappropriate can some people be? I just couldn't help myself. What can I say, I am a work in progress. So what would any of you have done if you were in my situation?


Barbara said...

I love that you did that! I don't have the balls to do that! I use to hate it when people stared at John. At the time the vent was attached and tubes everywhere... I use to tell myself that they were just curious and have no bad intentions.
So many times I have wanted to say something. I would come home crying for John and telling my husband about it. I just hurts my feelings when people do that!

Good for you! Your my hero!

jch said...

I did that on the playground once this past summer. These moms/nannies just kept staring. I eventually said something. I should have kept my mouth shut but my emotions came pouring out. The moms/nannies were so offended. I didn't care.

Vanessa said...

I give the devil look and it's so powerful, words are not needed! At least that's what my hubby says!
Sam is strong and he's going to do great!

Anonymous said...

Thats a very difficult situation most people just dont understand and are staring because of their ignorance so I would say I would give them my best "Oh I feel so sorry FOR YOU" look because they are the ignorant ones!

Children are different most are just curious about things that look out of the ordinary (monitors, tubes, etc) and its their parents place to explain to the best of their abilities (unless of course they are the children of the above mentioned parents then they are screwed and dont stand a chance in life!)


Anonymous said...

Ok - So they are just lucky that Auntie Andrea was not there - !
Cause I hate when anyone looks at me anytime - so that would have set me off -EXTEMELY !!!!!!!!
Good 4 you - my cuzz !

Debbie said...

My motto is: I'm never going to see these people again -- so why do I give a s*@t what they think...I know, not very zen. But sometimes, people deserve a kick in the pants for not seeing how amazingly rude they are. Go sista!

kristi said...

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