Friday, February 22, 2008

Surgery Postponed

Sam's surgery has been postponed for March 4th because he has a nasty gasto-intestinal bacteria infection. He probably will be fine by Tuesday, but all docs agree why take a chance and risk Sam getting sepsis or something. Just a small hiccup in our plan, not a big deal. So if everyone can just hold their prayers for March 4th that would be great. Remember, we want Sam to heal fast, 2 day hospital stay, and a private room.

Oh by the way did I tell everyone that we are going to win the lottery tonight. Yeah, well that's the plan... Mega Millions. $270,000,000... What would you do with all of that money????


Vanessa said...

quit my job, hire the best live in doctors and travel the world until i die!

Barbara said...

Pay off all my bills first... Invest some... And then pay off my families bills ... Last I will donate to charity!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the setback, but everything happens for a reason!

I would travel and then travel somemore!


Anonymous said...

I would quit my job and be a professional student. Then I would do nothing but yoga. Oh, sounds soooooo great.
Nicole S.