Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Testing the Waters

On a whim I decided to try ans see what this whole blogg thing was all about. Since so many people are always asking about how we are doing I thought it may be easier to just post updates on line where everyone can see. So be patient to the technologically challenged while I figure out this whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

this is so great! writing always helps me to see things more clearly, and if i can help others at the same time, even better! so glad to be able to share your life with you. josh and i feel so isolated since we left jersey! miss you terribly. i won't even pretend to understand what you have been through. however, i can share with you the anxieties, the joy, and sheer chaos of being a mom esp. a first time one at that! really, all that matters at the end of the day is your family - you, your partner, and that little baby. just seeing him happy is enough. it really is the greatest job you've ever had or done. the hardest, but the best! we love you and are always thinking of you - sending our prayers and thoughts. will eagerly stay posted! love, ali