Friday, October 3, 2008

Who has the cutest tush and thighs...

No, no not me... Sam!!!

Sam on Roshashana


Anonymous said...

Sam does have the cutest tush.
I can't wait to kiss it.
Love all of him.
grandma, MIMA

Barbara said...

I love when they sleep with their tushes in the air! Its so adorable!

Vasca said...

He looks sooo! I loved watching our four boys while they sweet. Sam's beautiful...but why not? He certainly has beautiful parents and I think you two must be just as beautiful on the glow. Sleep tight, Sam and don't let the bugs bite!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys - I love those little chunks on the inner thigh - Jules sleeps the same way - tushy up - xo

I hope the Holidays Bring you New joys and hope - Big Dreams lead to BIG results -


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe how big he has gotten. He is the cutest ever!!! I can't wait for him to meet his new cousin Drew! I need to see him ASAP!!!

Miss you guys!
Nicole S.

Anonymous said...

without s doubt sam has the cutest
may the new year bring
all of you only the
sweet things and
good things life has
to offer.
hope we get to see
sam , you and scott
real soon.
love always
aunt maddy, uncle lenny
and lindsay

Vasca said...

Hey Sam...this is one of your admirer's from Texas. Guess what? I'm flying off to China in the morning for three weeks...I'll meet a little Chinese girl that just turned One Yr Old. Her mom is a wonderful friend...I call her my daughter! God is letting us encourage our friends there. They have a hard time 'cause their country is not so good about people "being religious." I love your picture...!