Monday, October 27, 2008

Has it been that long...

I know, I know, I haven't written in a while, a long while. So what's new???

Sam - Sam has been sick 3 times so far this season with 2 ER visits. ER visits are never fun. One reason being if your in the ER with your baby then chances are he's in pretty bad shape and two, it just sucks being in the ER. It takes forever to get seen, get tests done, get them read, its uncomfortable, G-d only knows what the kid next to you has, etc... However... I was recently asked to join the Family Advisory Board at Maimonides Medical Center and since then we have been treated like VIPs which is nice. This past visit we had a private room with a flat screen TV. Yup in the ER... In a NYC hospital that is HUGE! Sam is on the mend now and seems to be doing much much better. But I have to say every single time my baby gets sick I get the same anxious feeling that I may lose him this time. You might think I'm crazy but the truth is Sam never gets a small cold. When Sam gets sick his lungs give out and he goes into major respiratory compromise which then leads to food intolerance which then leads to dehydration and so on and so forth... I went for 4 days straight with no sleep. I'm not talking an hour here or an hour there, I'm talking not a
f***ing wink for four days. People have tried to tell me to get some rest, but the truth is if my baby ain't breathing I ain't sleeping. Even if I wanted to sleep my mind would not let me.

Scott - Scott's hanging in there. He's been working very hard. In by 7am home by about 10pm. He's a good man to work so had for his family, we're proud of him.

Me - I was off from my course for about 3 weeks because of all the Jewish holidays but now I have class next Sunday and I just cannot get my brain together enough to work on my lecture...


Joe and Leanna said...

Hang in there Carrie! I completely understand the NO sleep deal. I am the same way. If Cole is sick, I do NOT sleep...even if I try my brain won't shut down and every single little noise scares me. I hope Sam is feeling better!

jch said...

carrie, i'm exhausted just reading this. that feeling of the dominoes falling one by one (a sniffle turns into a cold; a cold turns into respiratory issues; resp issues affect eating; etc...) is such a helpless feeling. may god be with sam, with you as you care for him and for scott who not only has the stress of family life on his shoulders but also the current economic crisis. peace, sister.

Barbara said...

You are one strong woman!
With a strong family!

God Bless you,

Debbie said...

Oy! That's it. I have no words of encouragement or support for you that you haven't heard a million and one times. I feel for you and I can't wait for Sam to get better so he can see his girlfriend, who is back in town next week by the way! xoxo to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey - My cousin - I glad that Sam is doing much better now - I can't even fathom the feelings that run though you having to go to ER trips like you do !
Just know we are all here - if you need me I will run there - !
Please post at one of those pictures - we all (cousins) took - I just simply love them - !

Nicole said...

Hang in there. I hope he feels better very soon! Love you guys!
Nicole S.

Vasca said...

Oh Carrie! I've checked in every day watching and no wonder I had such heart goes out to you...and 4 days w/no sleep is sooo bad. I pray for you and I know God's listening and holding you...He's good at that and you, Scott and Sam? Well, you're the very most of everything made of grit...pure grit. Blessings!