Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yeah We're Still Here

We are still in the hospital (sigh...). Sam is being fed through his stomach which is very good news. We are up to 22mls/hr. In order for us to get home he needs to be on at least 30. Hopefully we will be home on Sat./Sun. Sam is in much better spirits. We got him to laugh a bunch today. He has regressed physically quite a bit but we hope that when we get home and therapy starts again he should be back to his good ole self in no time.

Things have been taking so much time in the hospital because I feel that most professionals do not understand Sam's system. To be honest knowing what I know, reaching out to other families with similar situations, and continuously brainstorming with the doctors has helped us get to this point. Its interesting how little most people know about the body still. Anyway, I can't get into all the particulars but at the very least we are on a good upward path right now.

Now about that roommate situation... Our last roommate that actually left today was such an amazing family. Mom was a Hasidic women and the son who was admitted was
12. Very sweet and quiet boy. Mom however, was so strong, bright, and fascinating. She is a single mother of 10! Yeah, 10! I know, these women are amazing. She stayed at the hospital all day with her son, went home every night to cook and clean for Purim and to care for her other children, and is now having 40 people at her home tonight to celebrate Purim. This women smiles all of the time and she was so good with Sam. She sang to him, prayed over him and when they left she gave Sam a gift which is now his new favorite toy. She said something that really impressed me. She was talking about her husband that passed away 5 years ago (her youngest child at the time only 11 months)and she said that when her children would come to her grieving about the loss of their father she would say something like this... Some families don't have a car, some not a home, some not a father, this is all part of life and we have to deal with it the best way we can, some days we may feel pain more than others but we just have to get on with it. And the way she said this was so as a matter of fact,like with a shoulder shrug made. I actually laughed out loud and she did too. The best was watching her watch TV. Not sure if you peeps in cyber space know this but most ultra Orthodox/ Hasidim homes do not have televisions. So to watch this very religious women watch television was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. And I am sure all of you are thinking what the hell could this women possibly be watching. Guess... Jerry Springer and any court show (Judge Judy etc...). I swear... When I questioned why are you watching this. She said she just loves the courts. I not sure if she understood that what she was watching is staged or not. She was sooooo into this with her face literally pressed up against the screen, you would have thought that the Lubavitcher Rabbi arose out of the grave or something she was so enamoured. I told her it was a good thing she didn't have television at home or else she would never be able to take care of her household.

So how is my husband doing through all of this.... Hmmmm.... Well, for those of you that know Scott I am sure you can only imagine the havoc he is causing all of the nursing staff and doctors. The nurses actually ask me ahead of time who is spending the night me or my husband. When I tell them me they clap and give a little yeah... Scott actually threatened to push the hospital bed against the door of the room if they came in to check on the baby again. Scott does not like being woken up and he gets really nasty when he is. Ahhhh the trials and tribulations of being in the hospital... Well I am hopeful to be home soon. I just got a call from Scott saying that Sam just pooped on his own, which is HUGE news. Thus his system is finally working. Thank g-d. Thanks for checking in and writing words of encouragement. Peace to everyone...

PS Since our nice roommates left please continue to pray we come home this weekend and no crackhead roommates. Thanks :)


Susan said...

I am so sorry my sweet friend!! I wish this wasn't taking so long. Glad that he is on the upswing and I hope that you do get to go home this weekend!!! Roommates are a fun experience while in the hospital... NOT REALLY!!!

I love you, give same hugs and kisses from Reiley and I!!!

Vanessa said...

I'm glad you're staying in high spirits overall! My husband says that stuff all the time too....but i always look at what others have that i don't. :( BTW, you go Scott! I am the bitch when we're at the hospital and they know I look at EVERYTHING they do (and it freaks the nurses out...i like it! P.S> can we have a little info on the Jewsih? stuff( i'm assuming?)

Anonymous said...

Carrie you are making me cry as I write this tears of joy and relief that the food is going through and Sam will be coming home soon, I miss you all so much my life is emptier without you all, believe this. Love your tale about the community. Love and kisses for Sam and hugs and everything Genie

Nicole said...

Wow, a single mom with 10 children. She seems incredible. It is amazing when we meet such interesting people at times that we need it most.

Nicole S.