Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The List

Sam has been doing a bit better today. He actually smiled a bunch and was very playful. Whew... I almost put him out on the front stoop with a For Sale sign on his head. Yesterday Sam was out of control. I finally gave in about 5pm and gave him Tylenol. Sure enough 20 minutes later he was fine. Teething... perhaps. But should we really blame all the world's problems on teething. Who knows? I give up...

The treadmill... Ahhh the treadmill. What a metaphor for my life, how ironic. Running and running but never getting anywhere. Hugh... Anywho, I made my very amazing no one can beat it "run" mix. Oh yes I have been running and it feels wonderful. I think I may have dislocated my hip, but its all good. Who wants to see my product in the making. No no I don't mean my bottom. I'm talking about my mix. Here it is:

1.Shakedown Street - Can there really be a more uplifting song?
2. Beautiful - Moby
3.Crazy in Love - I took the Beyonce advice.
4.Elevation - I had to throw in a U2 song.
5.Armageddon It- I got the 90's hard rock vibe from Barb.
6. Uptight - Ya gotta love Stevie Wonder
7. Don't Leave me This Way - Thanks for the disco idea mom.
8. Ray of Light - Beth's rec of Madonna, thanx.
9. Pump up the Volume - Oh yes I did...
10.Native Love - The best early 80's club song that shows my age.
11. It Takes Two - Nothing like a little Rob Base to get my cheese on.
12. One Hand in My Pocket, acoustic version - Cool it down
13. In your Eyes, Jeffery Gains version
14. Heaven - Bryan Adams
15. Only Living Boy in NY...


Anonymous said...

Well done!
Love, Kelly

Cliff Burns said...

Hang in there, Carrie. Glad Sam's back on the mend, must be very scary for you. Pleased you liked "Matriarchy", although if you're looking for happy fiction, for God's sake stay away from my site! A couple more songs to consider for your mix: "Heinrich Maneuver" by Interpol and "Scattered Black and White" by Elbow.
Cool, beautiful music. Keep posting, gal, and best wishes to your family.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Sam is feeling better! And in answer to your question YES most moms blame teething when all else fails! Its a way to keep sane, takes the load off of us!

I love your running mix, and I am glad you are doing something for you. I love my time exercising, its me and the sweat, nothing and no one else!

Have a great day

Cliff said...

Hey, Carrie:

I came across this book--some excellent authors contributed to it and I wanted to draw it to your attention:

Have a look.

Best to you and yours,


Vanessa said...

say my name by destiny's child is also really awesome!