Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Strong Ones

These guys are the stong ones. These are some of the people I look to for strength. These folks keep so positive and see so much light when they look at their children. These are parents that live with a sense of positive expectancy. I learn from them. This is my normal, suction machines, feeding tubes, developmental delays, doctors, doctors, and more doctors, home nursing and home therapy plans. These are the people that are part of my "normal" world... This little girl is Sam's twin. This little girl is a newbie and is doing really well. This little boy was Sam's neighbor in the NICU at NYU We share nurses with this adorable little boy. And this little boy we met on the internet and mom is an awesome writer that I just had to connect with.


Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself its your nerves talking. You are very strong you are just too darned busy caring for Sam to have a second to realize it!

I want to thank you for introducing to Dr.Koplow he is the only person to really inspire me since I met Ramon Cuevas ,truly a refreshing individual who is willing to buck the system for the greater good of these special kids.
Every child has special differences, and you are so good and helpful to Sam with his. No way can you say other parents are stronger than you guys!!
Yoni , one of Sam's PT's

Barbara said...


You really do not give yourself enough credit. Why do we need a label anyway!? Strong, weak, slow, fast, pretty, .... We are just here doing what we need to do. You are doing what you need to do for your son, as I am.

It annoys me when people tell me how "strong" I am, or "amazing"! Now when people ask me
"how do you do it" I just tell them I am just doing what i need to do, like any other parent would do.

I am also not in the same situation as you. I break down and have my negative day, as you do. I hate life sometimes and wonder why this happened to our family. And I pick my self up and move on with my day. I have to work hard at keep positive energy around me - it doens't come easy. I also have an outlook - something to look forward to in terms of John's future - as long as everything goes well. And I frequently fear what could go wrong. I always just tell myself, John won't be running any marathons....But maybe he will be an architech. I hope some day you find your positive outlook...

I am telling you this because you just do not realize how much we are alike. Our kids are very different but we think a lot a like. So that makes you "strong" as well. You can never let Sam down, your his mother and doing the best you know how to do - that is more then he can ask for.

Go easy on yourself! Here is a hug OOOO and here is a kiss XXXX! Be strong, have faith!

P.S. How are you without the coffee?

Barb and Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, You were always strong, it is just one of your many amazing qualities. I love you-Kelly

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm trule flattered. Thanks

Debbie said...

Sam's twin's mom says thanks for the kind words -- but you're pretty kickass too, my dear -- don't kid yourself and hide behind the "you would do the same thing" phrase. We look to you too, so there!

Nicole said...

Add you to the list!!!

Love, Nicole S.