Friday, August 15, 2008

The week...

At home...
Sam has been uncomfortable over the past month or so due to feedings, teething, and getting a few colds. On this day I was trying to get him to smile. It worked.

At the beach...
Last weekend Scott and Sam were both sick. I know, lucky me... Sunday both my boys were feeling a little better so we decided to go to Coney Island and let Sam experience the ocean and the sand for the very first time. He really loved it!

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Elmo makes house calls????
My brother forgot his only nephew's birthday. Way to go Uncle Adam! So in an effort to make it up to Sam, Uncle Adam and soon to be Aunt Carrie (yes Adam's fiance's name is Carrie too) sent an Elmo to the house to sing happy birthday and bring balloons. Thanks Uncle Adam and Aunt Carrie!


Anonymous said...

Im so glad the Leshin boys are better! I absolutely love the beach photo! Keep the pictures coming. I will call you when we get back from Pensacola!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousins - I am so glad that we got to spend Sam's birthday with you guys - It was so nice to have Mrs. Jules with her buddy (cousin) for the day !
She saw the pictures and said to Aunt Jen - "that is my Cousin Sam" I "teached" him to play cars

I love the beach pictures - He looks like he enjoys the great outdoors and the breeze !
OH BTW - Scott you look like you have lost a few - "LOOKING GOOD" !

Anonymous said...

i hope that everday can be
like a day at the beach for sam
that is my prayer!!!
your brother probably has
marriage on his mind
but he came through
good luck to him!!!
can't wait to see
all of you
love always
aunt maddy

Anonymous said...

hi there, I am in a similar situation,so I thought I would reach out. I have a 2 year old son. We were also at Columbia and had many a meeting with docs sipping coffee, and we are living in Brooklyn...Please contact me so we can swap tips and stories! p.s. I am trying to find a Cuevas trained therapist to work the Medek miracle and am totally impressed you have worked with Ramone.

Nicole said...

Oh how much fun. I am so happy that he love the beach and Elmo. What great ideas! I am happy the boys are feeling better.
Nicole S.