Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary

August 16, 2003 Scott and I got married at Temple Israel in Lawrence Long Island. Events leading up to that day were significant for The Blackout. Yup the big one that wiped out power up and down the east coast and part of the mid-west. I almost could not get my dress, couldn't get all of my day before bridal beauty treatments, Scott thought there would be no rack of lamb, we were a mess. In the end everything worked out and we had a blast... Now 5 years later we are still having a great time together despite our present circumstances. We both consider ourselves extremely lucky to have one another and of course to be parents to the best little boy in the entire world.

That was then...

This is now...

Last year for our anniversary Scott took me to The River Cafe in DUMBO. It was amazing. We decided to make River Cafe a tradition since it is now both mine and Scott's favorite resturant. See for yourself why...


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!!!!
i can't believe uncle lenny is in the background of your wedding picture=
i on ly hope that eric and vanessa's wedding is as beautiful
and wonderful as your's and scott's was and that
they have as strong as a bond as you two do
many more happy years together
filled with much love and happiness
love ya
aunt maddy and uncle lenny

Val said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more years. Sam is lucky to have such great parents.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversay! Looks like you both had a great night, much needed and well deserved! We cant believe in just a month it's our turn! Cant wait to celebrate with you and see you both there. Give Sam a kiss from us.

Love your cousins,

Eric and Vanessa

Nicole said...

I will never forget driving to get your dress. You were sticking your head out of my car screaming at people to move. We thought your flowers would die due to no refrigeration. But it all worked out. It was beautiful. Happy anniversary!!!
Love, Nicole S.

Barbara said...

The before and after are not too different! You still have the beautiful smile!!!