Thursday, May 1, 2008

"It's all in the Cookie"

Did I ever mention how much I HATE taking Sam for doctor's appointments??? He actually has been traveling quite well since we got The Leshin Family Truckster. But the doctor visits are just down right miserable and most of the time pretty negative experiences. So we went to this particular visit today and the doctor was really negative. According to her at this point Sam has not made any gains in the swallowing department and things don't look hopeful. Also did I mention that Sam is OFF continuous feeds. Yup you heard me. We can feed him 3 times a day and he has been doing great. Not only is he tolerating the feedings but he has never been more calm and happy and engaging even during PT and OT therapies. But according to this doctor Sam is extremely uncomfortable and I am nuts for feeding him the way I am. So I asked if she had any suggestion of what to do instead and guess what??? She didn't... OK thanks doc. After I left the appointment I felt awful, sick to my stomach, my whole world collapsing all around me, again. I just couldn't get it together the rest of the day. Scott came home and took over (what an amazing guy I have!). He even took the liberty to order us dinner - Chinese food. Guess what my fortune cookie said??? "The physician heals, nature makes well." Pretty apropo considering the day I had. But I have a better fortune, "The physician's a F#$%ing moron, and mama knows best!"


Anonymous said...

I live for reading your Blog... That doctor sounds like an asshole... Mama DOES know best, you keep up the great work... YOU spend 24 hours a day with that little man who has the right to tell you what to do!! some ass who see's Sam for 15 maybe 20 minutes a visit once maybe twice a week,huh..

Love you kiddo,

Anonymous said...

I agree, you are doing a great job dont let a doctors OPINION get you down. Positive energy...remember...always positive! And if you cant remember that call me and I will send some your way!


Debbie said...

I am so happy that Sam is on 3 feeds. What a huge step. You know Sam best and I can tell you from experience...these kids just want to fly -- not be hooked up to some pump. Hip hip hooray for Sam ....and you!!!! I love the fortune by the should have it laminated!!!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie!

I agree... Mama always knows best! And I know you are the best mommy! I miss and love you... Reading your blog that you may be going back to Jersey is very exciting - now I just have to get there myself.
Stay positive and keep running. I have been too and nothing has ever made me feel so good! I have become addicted. Josh and I give you many kisses and hugs, to Scott and Sam, too!


Rosetta said...

I know how you feel. I HATE taking Sierra to doctor's appointments. Doctors (especially neurologists) seem to be the most negative people in the world. As our OT said, "They don't see her, they see the disease."

We have learned to ignore the majority of the stuff the doctors say.

Anonymous said...

Well you know I am all for the Mama Knows best theory.
after my past with dr.'s - I am sure you know what the best is for that blessed lil' boy - and look how far you BOTH have come - !

Hey Carrie - A smart woman once told me -
"You got legs,? Good now use them"
UMM That was you - in 1999!
And you definately are one to practice your preachings -

Nicole said...

Mama definitely knows best. That is great news about the feedings. Sam is doing great! How funny about the fortune cookie. I love how Scott took over. Having a partner makes life so much easier. You are lucky about that.
Nicole S.