Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Things I Love About Being a Mother to Sam...

5. I love that I have learned more in the past 21 months from my son than I have
ever learned from anyone in my whole entire life.
4. I love not taking for granted every little piece of my son's being.
3. I love how when I am holding Sam he will not go to anyone else.
2. I love that I can kiss him 1 million times in a minute and I still cannot get enough and no one can tell me to stop because he's mine!
1. I love the way Sam can look at me for what seems like hours and how I can just get completely lost in his big amazing eyes. When he does this any pain, issue, trouble, or concern, just melts away and there is just peace.


Anonymous said...

You are an AMAZING woman....and Sam could not have a better parent/advocate/. I pray you get the call from Duke soon. Nobody deserves it more!

Barbara said...

You rock!!!!!
#3 is my personal fav. In my head I say, "Ha, he doesn't want you... haha"

Debbie said...

Aaaaah! I love this list. I feel each and every one of those. Thanks for putting it down so poetically.

Nicole said...

You are so sweet. I love them all but especially number 3. He is the cutest!!!
Nicole S.

Anonymous said...

I love that my baby cousin is so strong and finds the best in everything and everyone - in this world - !
I love that my cousin and Scott gave us a wonderful gift "Named Sam" ! The gift of life is so precious