Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Help Sam!

Please take 10 minutes out of your day to help my son Sam and other children like Sam. This is very important. Most children with special needs do not get the services they need because of a lack of funding. I am not asking for money. I am just asking you all to write letters. The directions are below. Its very easy. Please help Sam!

Here is a sample letter for you to pass along.

Email: contact@livingwithcerebralpalsyproject.org
Please send letters to:Living with Cerebral Palsy Project
c/o Alicia Khlass (please include my name on the envelope)
6093 Sunset BLVD #132
Hollywood, CA 90028
Please contact Alicia at (323) 962-7405.Please address the letters to the following:
US Senate ~ US Committee on Health ~ Senator Edward Kennedy, Chairman
ABC ~ 2020 & Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer
Oprah ~ Oprah Winfrey
NBC ~ Dateline NBC & The Today Show with Ann Curry
CNN ~ Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Larry King
Dr. Phil
Montel Williams
Maury Povich
Media Organization

Form Letter Here:
Dear (type in each name listed above 9 letters.)I'm writing on behalf of ( name of the child or all children), who (has/have) Cerebral Palsy. I support the Living with Cerebral Palsy Project! Please tell her story and the stories of the other children and their families living with Cerebral Palsy everyday!I support increased CP funding from Congress for the CDC CP surveillance system, research for Cerebral Palsy, education for the public, continuing education for doctors and medical professionals, more therapy equipment, prenatal care & education and early intervention services for Cerebral Palsy.(Please add your personal sentences here, I got involved because..............) (Write anything additional that you would like here..) Did you know that more than 800,000 American children & adults have Cerebral Palsy right now? Cerebral Palsy not only affects the infant/child/adult, but it affects their family, friends, and our entire community. There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy and it symptoms are different in every child. Did you know that there are many children out there with symptoms, but they may go undiagnosed for years? They may not receive Early Intervention services that are crucial which can help to minimize their disability. Early intervention is the key to success. It is the most effective way for a child to overcome developmental disabilities and/or for them to learn new ways to adapt and succeed with everyday tasks. Please let their voices let their voices be heard!!
Sincerely,Your name
Your Address & phone number

You can find all the information about our project by clicking on this link:http://www.cafemom.com/group/7064/boards/read.php?post_id=1057011


Barbara said...

I will definitly do this during the week! I would be happy to do something to be able to help you all!

Nicole said...

I will do this for sure when I get back next week. Anything to help!
Nicole S.

Anonymous said...

Here is something interesting to note. We have 9 comments on movies but only 2 for HELP SAM.
Thank you everyone, enjoy your movies.


nikkig said...

love you

Anonymous said...

I sent the letters out today. Glad to help! Love, Kelly