Thursday, September 27, 2007


I haven't really been able to write much in a while. Things are always quite hectic around here. Sometimes just trying to balance my own needs, Scott's needs, our home, and of course Sam, can get a bit crazy. So when I have to prioritize, the Blog doesn't really take a front seat. I apologize if I just start writing about how frustrated I am without letting everyone know what positives are going on as well. But as my late Grandma Nettie use to say "If you don't like it, don't eat it."

Sam is an amazing baby. He is deeply intuitive and incredibly strong. Sam is also very intelligent. He is playing ball rolling it back and forth, in the best way that he can. He says "go" better and better everyday given a "ready... set..." cue. He is socially smiling now very easily and he rolls to me for comfort when he doesn't want to be annoyed by someone else (Grandpa Dave). My cousin Oren is visiting with us from Israel and we took Sam to the Aquarium yesterday. Sam was completely enamoured with the sharks and the fish in the tanks. But he really showed a special interest in the sharks. In my professional opinion this is a clear sign of cognitive ability. Unfortunately Sam's physical ability is really delayed and it impedes on what he needs to learn and explore cognitively. Which means that I have to assist him with everything. I know, I know... he will get there. Well no one really knows that for sure. But what I do know is that if people keep telling me "oh don't worry Sam will surprise you," or " he will be fine," I am going to go postal. It is so unbelievably presumptuous for anyone to tell me that. Besides if I listened to all of the know it alls then what am I supposed to do sit around with my thumb up my rear and wait for it to happen. No! We have to keep doing what we are doing.
I will post more pictures soon. My camera has been kind of out of commission but now its working again so pictures will be coming around soon.


Anonymous said...

Do I need to come and remove all the sharp objects from the house so you don't hurt the "know it alls" Remember blood stains.... Put down plactic first or catch them outside ;) Love ya..

Anonymous said...

i miss you all so much, especially sam. i know it takes an enormous amount of strength to care for him, but i know that you and scott are doing an amazing job. sam knows this too.
love you, mom

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the aquarium with Sam and see the sharks, give him a huge KISS from his Auntie Kelly! I miss you guys so much!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the sentance "when I have to prioritize, the Blog doesn't really take a front seat"...Be sure we're all behind you guys. Lets keep on finding more sharks.....,
love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I just wanted to ssy that Sam looks so beautiful and strong in these pictures. He really looks just like you! You and Scott are doing such a great job parenting him as well as keeping your relationship strong. I totally agree that the saying "God only gives you what you can handle" is really crappy. What I do believe is that you and Scott are exactly that parents who Sam needs. I also am familiar with the roller coaster ride, there are good days and bad days... as the days go by there will be more good than bad. I would love to talk soon and maybe even see you if possible. You are always un my thoughts and prayers.

Nicole said...

Sharks, huh. What a man. Imagine if there were mermaids.
Love, Nicole S.