Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It was actually on Thursday the 16th but we went out to dinner on the 17th. We went to the River View Cafe in DUMBO. For those of you that live in the city I highly recommend crossing to the dark side over the Brooklyn bridge and experiencing this really amazing and beautiful restaurant. The wait staff was friendly, attentive and unpretentious. The food was fabulous and so was the wine selection. There is a dress code, but it made the evening that much more special. Scott and I have not felt comfortable enough to leave Sam to go anywhere and enjoy ourselves. So this was a first in a year. Our last anniversary we spent in the hospital. Its crazy to look back and see the difference a year can make. The evening was a lot of fun, much needed and well deserved. Happy Anniversary Scooter, I love you!!!


Meri said...

I'm so happy you had a wonderful night out together. You deserve it!! Happy Anniversary! I can't believe its been four years already. You look amazing by the way. I'm jealous--Eat a donut or something. Love you.

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, Happy Anniversary. 4 years already, huh. Most people now a days don't last that long. Good job you two. You both are sweet!
Love, Nicole S.

Schwam said...

Happy Anniversary! Nice blazer Luscious.

Anonymous said...

Car and Scoots, it was 4 years ago that Brian dropped me on my ASS at your wedding...oh what a night. Love you both, Happy Happy Anniversary!