Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Believe it or not sometimes I just get a little sick of writing about how hard my life is and how angry I am so here is something a little bit different. If you all really love me then thrill me and reply. I was just reading my friend Joe's Blog and it was such a fun post that I just had to copy it. So here it goes, if you could choose one song to perform karaoke style what would it be?

Mine is and probably will always be Cracklin' Rosie. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I have no voice and you can't do that much damage to a Neil Diamond song. Or maybe because it is just a lot of fun to sing about a guy and his inflatable love doll. Who knows??? So what would you sing???


Meri said...

I would sing "I touch myself".

Anonymous said...

You give love a bad name, by Bon Jovi. I always loved the way he sings that song and I fantasize that I could sing like him. Only in my dreams. Everyoneelses nightmare I'm sure.

Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Im not sure what song I would sing, but singing karaoke defiantly would make you and everybody else laugh thats for sure!

Grandma Mary

Nicole said...

Oh that is easy. So easy because I do it all the time. Usually I am alone though. Better for the rest of the world. It is Prince's "Kiss". I get to blow many kisses at myself in the mirror this way.
Love, Nicole S.

Eric said...

EASY: Copacabana by Barry Manilow. A fantastic, complex, and violent love song about a washed up beauty. Don't let this one fool you. It's not easy to sing yet masterfully done by a Jewish, gay pianist multi-platinum superstar with double hip replacements.

'I touch myself' is a nifty tune though!

Eric Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

sending you LOTS OF LOVE AND STRENGTH. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOTHER!!! Keep on fighting the good fight.

nikkig said...

Standback by Stevie Nicks. Nowadays the only singing I am doing is wheels on the bus go round and round. love n

Anonymous said...

Mandy...He is not Gay!

Anonymous said...

Above from Kelly :)

Anonymous said...

I would sing GnR Brownstone or Nightrain or Master of Puppets from Metallica.

Meri, have fun touching yourself.
Nicole, enjoy kissing yourself.
Eric, well?????


Anonymous said...

Rubber ducky your the one, you make bath time lots of fun, Rubber ducky your the one for meee.
I just love Bert & Ernie...


Anonymous said...

I have two favorite kareoke songs "We got the beat" by the go-go's and "Summer of '69" by bryan adams - 2 cheesy 80's songs also not hard to butcher and fun when you're drunk.

Barbara said...

Hi Carrie,

I really like that song "Shes my cherry pie" by Warrant. I only like it because you can sing it like a lunatic and still sound good.

I can not Kareoke to save my life!!!

What is your email I wanted to ask you something but I don't want to post it here.

Barb - Johnny's Mom

Anonymous said...

I would just enjoy watching Bri, Zem and Miller sing "Jessie's Girl" nothing is better than that S__T! BTC