Friday, August 21, 2009

Loooooooong Overdue

Its been a month since we moved and I have to say I DO NOT miss Brooklyn at all. Don't get me wrong Brooklyn has served us very well but there is something to say about moving into a home where you do not live right on top of other people,where you do not have to listen to the squeak es and squawks of city buses, getting attacked by pigeons and so on and so forth.

So in honor of the good the bad and the ugly of Brooklyn here is my top 10 loves and top 10 hates about good ole Brooklyn...

The Top 10 Things I will NOT miss about Brooklyn

10) I will not miss the city bus that always blocked my driveway because the bus driver decided it was OK to leave the bus parked there so he could go take a piss.

9) I will not miss listening to the stray cats f***ing outside my window at 2 am in the morning that I kid you not use to scare the daylights out of us and wake us out of dead sleep.

8) I will not miss the major city project being done outside my house where every time they used their tremendous jack hammers and such things would fall off of my walls.

7) I will not miss the lovely view of the city bus depot across the street.

6) I will not miss looking at my neighbors bloomers hanging on the clothes line in the yard.

5) I will not miss the noise of the buses coming and going right at the foot of my driveway where you literally had to put the volume of the TV up to 70 in which you still could barely hear what was going on during Oprah.

4) I will not miss the midnight Chinese Karaoke that went on right in back of my house until the wee hours of the morning.

3) I will not miss the Brooklyn traffic where it could take 25 minutes just to go around the corner.

2) I will not miss the intense honking and cursing you would get if g-d forbid you did not slam your foot on the gas as soon as the traffic light turned green.

1) I will not miss the near death experience you encounter every time you get off at exit 5 on the Belt parkway...

Top 10 things I will surely miss about living in Brooklyn

10) I will surely miss the guys at seaview body shop. G-d bless them for fixing my side view mirrors before my husband came home from work every time I knocked one off. And yes they new me by first name.

9) I will surely miss all of the wonderful therapy Sam received for free because we lived in Brooklyn. We really miss everyone and thank g-d we had them as we owe so much of Sam's progress to them.

8) I will surely miss all of Sam's nurses as they also showered him with so much love and attention.

7) I will surely miss Kings Highway bakery for the best seeded twist in the world. Hands down best Italian bread ever!!!

6)I will surely miss the fact that you can get whatever you need whenever you need it 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

5) I will surely miss NATHAN'S, yes the original and it was AWESOME!!! Gotta love a Nathan's frank. And its different if you go to a chain versus the original.

4) I will surely miss having Nellie Bly (A child's amusement park) in the back of my house.

3) I will surely miss having 2 great city parks within a few blocks away from us. Sam I know misses the swings.

2)I will surely miss PISA the greatest Italian specialty store in the entire world. They make there own fresh mozzarella and it is amazing!!!

1) And the number one thing we will all miss so much about Brooklyn is L & B Spumoni Gardens Pizza and Spumoni. There is nothing like it in the entire world!!!!

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Nicole said...

I don't know what I will do without the spumoni. VERY UPSET!
Nicole S.