Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day….

Scott's Pen

I was thinking about whether or not to write this as if I am Sam or just to simply write this as the husband of a woman who is truly the best mom in the world. I know everyone has a mug or teeshirt proclaiming themselves as the best but let’s put it all to rest…Carrie is the best.

Over the past three years Carrie has been and will continue to be in the near future, tested as a mom like no one else I know (there are a few exceptions). She has met every challenge head-on with determination to see her son get the very best life has to offer. She tirelessly pursues every avenue whether medical, therapeutic or just simply being there when exhaustion has overcome everyone else. Sam is very lucky to have my beautiful wife as his mother. All of the gains that he has made and the visits to the ER he is now starting to avoid with greater frequency are a direct result of Carrie.

I know Carrie has written in the past examples of her day and my Son's challenges so I will not re-write them here. I just want to say thank you from both myself and Sam for staying strong, keeping up with the demands of raising a child with special needs and most importantly showing Sam a love that never waivers, never tires and continues to grow with each day.

We love you,
Sam and Scott


Anonymous said...

wow- i am sitting here crying
i guess those leshin men
do have what it takes
big mouths when needed
and a soft sensitive
side too- i know i am married
to one -
enjoy your special day
love ya
aunt maddy

Lainie said...

For some reason I didn't see this! are amazing! I am so proud of you.

I read Carrie's posts all the time as feel the same about her. She also is family. But...I remember you as a little boy and you have grown into a truly remarkable man, husband and now father.

All my love forever!!!