Thursday, March 12, 2009


So yesterday I was a lot more calm then to be expected given Sam's situation. I was upset but calm and not feeling the need to throw my shoe at someone. So through tues. night into Wed. early morning I noticed Sam's demeanour was just not right and his breathing slowly but surely was becoming more labored even with his treatments. I called Sam's pulmonologist in the morning and he wanted us to come back to the ER for x-rays and bloods. In the past I promised myself that if Sam ever appeared to be in this kind of respiratory distress I was going to call 911 and not deal with driving him to the hospital. I highly suggest this for all parents regardless if your child has special needs or not. If your child seems to be in respiratory distress or is having a severe allergic reaction to something DO NOT take your child to the hospital in your car regardless of who else is with you. I had my mother and a nurse but did I really want to deal with Sam turning blue on me in my car or deal with stupid receptionists that want you to sign in before they can see you in triage...

So once we packed Sam up I calmly called 911 and explained that my child is stable at the moment because we have lots of equipment at home (02, suction, umboo(sp?) bag, etc...) but he is in respiratory distress and I do not want to take him to the hospital in my car without the ability to intubate if need be. So in NYC the fire department comes to the house first when there is a respiratory issue just because they are usually the closest. This is actually a cool thing. If you don't live in NYC you probably don't know this but, NYC fire fighters are HOT AS HELL! No exaggeration, I think its like a pre-requisite or something. There had to be like 12 fire fighters in my house yesterday morning. For a moment you forget what the present issue at hand is and think wow did g-d just send me a present... Anyway EMS came and we were on our way to the hospital. Pretty uneventful. We got there and Scott had left work to meet us there. He just couldn't stay at work given what had been going on with sam for the past 3 weeks. We were pretty lucky because Sam's pulmonologist was there, his pediatrician was there and they had the head of the pediatric department take care of Sam so you know they left no stone unturned and they worked hard and fast to figure out what was going on and give us a plan. For all of this I am grateful and we will have to see what happens today. To be cont...


Anonymous said...

I must say that while reading your update (i am at work now) i can't stop crying and laughing all together.
We cross our fingers for Sam fast recovery. Love to all

Anonymous said...

hey, carrie wasen't kidding about the ny firemen. if anyone needs a date i would seriously consider calling 911.
when i saw them i said to bad i did not have coffee made.
you can't imagine,,soo cute.
anyway sam looks a little better to me this morning. lets hope the doctor likes what he sees today.
keeping my fingers crossed.
love you sam

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I am here if you need me. Love you sweetie! Wishing and praying for Sam to get well. Love, Kelly

Lainie said...

Hope Sam starts to feel better soon! Kisses!

mamamia said...


I am sorry Sam is having such a rough month - you must be exhausted- praying he is all better soon.


Anonymous said...

we hope and pray that sam continues
to improve and has a fast recovery
please know that we are always
here for all of you
please tell your mom hi
moms always have a way of
helping make things better
love ya
aunt maddy