Friday, February 20, 2009

So Livingston It Is...

Scott and I have been trying to figure out where to move for at least 2 years now. NY is great for children that need early intervention but I prefer the schools in NJ for the later years. Actually NJ was not the only place we were considering. We considered doing a huge lifestyle change which would have involved us moving to Florida, North Carolina, possibly Colorado???? We also have racked our brains trying to figure out where in NJ to live if it was going to be NJ. It was a tough decision because we had to consider soooo many things such as commute for Scott, school district, special needs funding within the school district, type of home ranch vs. 2 story with an elevator option, affordability... So we finally found this new townhouse development with an elevator option and an open floor plan that was within our price range and a close enough commute for Scott plus the town has excellent services for children with special needs. So Livingston it is...


Debbie said...

Boo hoo for Amelia. We will miss you at Roosevelt, but are very excited for you guys in your new venture. It's going to be amazing for all of you -- including Sam's new sibling!!!!

Again, I can't stress this enough...I would totally do your favorite elevator scenes from your favorite movies with Scott in your new in-home elevator. I don't know why you resist my suggestions. "Pretty Woman" --"...well, color me happy, there's a sofa in here." and "Fatal Attraction", so many more. I'll make you a list!:))

Carrie said...

My husband has way to many phobias to do anything fun in an elevator. Its a great idea though.

Nicole said...

So excited!!! Woohoo!!!
Love ya, Nicole S.

Anonymous said...

uncle lenny hates elevators too
when i was pregant with lindsay
we got stuck in one- and the macho
leshin jumped out of the elevator
and left me behind-
it was stuck between floors
i had to wait for the police to help me out
oh well
just thought i would share
a leshin moment with you

Anonymous said...

good luck with the move
glad you are staying
in new jersey
hope to see ya soon
love ya aunt maddy