Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Uncle Richie...

I started writing a post about Christmas. While I was writing I though it might be fun to post some old photos of my family celebrating Christmas through the years. During my photo excursion I came across pictures of my Uncle Richie that really just depicted exactly the person who he was. Today is my Uncle Richie's birthday (thanks for reminding me Andrea). He passed away almost 15 years ago and I still cannot believe that we have been without him for that long. He was an amazing father, uncle, friend, person. He always had a smile on his face and never seemed to have a worry in the world. If anyone knew how to enjoy life it certainly was him. Uncle Richie is my mother's brother and my father's best friend. When I was looking through all of these old pictures I came across a poem written about him that must have been read at his funeral. I don't know who wrote it... I'm sure one of my cousins will comment and tell us. Anyway this is the poem.

Richard G. Fioriello
I'm writing this as a tribute to a very special man, Richie, better known as Richie "Roast Beef," Dicky Boy", or just Richard Gerald Fioriello. No matter what name you knew him by he was the same person. A good hearted character who has touched more lives than any of us could ever have imagined. He will be deeply missed, but we are all very lucky to have our memories. He is in our hearts and in our minds, but most important in the memories each of us shared the most special times spent with him. When each of us think of him, I can guarantee one of the "F" words come to mind:
5- and above all Firefighting
I have yet to figure out in which order they go, but that doesn't really matter they were what he lived for...
Happy Birthday Uncle Richie... You are thought about all the time.


Anonymous said...

JERK _ ! That was what they read at his burial at sea - on the fishing boats - ! I wanna say Alise wrote it - Thanks Carrie as if I didnt cry enough today -
But It is a bitter sweet "cry" Nice to know that everyone felt the same about my dad - !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such a great tribute! It amazes me how deep the pain still runs after so many years. He was bigger than life this family and many of the special times have fallen to the wayside because the pain of his absence overshadows the good. I did write that poem for his memorial and it touched everyone then, it truly spelled out who he was. Thank you again for keeping these memories alive


Anonymous said...

The best.

enough said..

Love and miss ya

Cliff Burns said...

Best wishes and happy holidays from the Burns family. It's been a pleasure following Sam's development and learning of the courage and strength of your family. You're terrific people.