Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sam is 2 today!

Today is Sam's 2nd birthday. It is hard to believe that 2 years have gone by already. The expectations I had for my son certainly exceed the reality of where he is today. There are many many things that we are thankful for. Sam is able to go for very very long periods of time without suctioning. He is laughing more, playing more, moving more, he is sitting up independently. At this point I would have hoped that Sam would be eating even small amounts by mouth, crawling, babbling, etc... I would have hoped that at this time Sam would be fed 4 times a day by his tube without pain or discomfort. We are still trying to get to the bottom of Sam's feeding issues. We are still running every single day to doctors and therapists trying to find the best way possible to make Sam comfortable. We even had to cancel Sam's birthday party because he was in such distress when we fed him.

Yesterday we were at the hospital with Sam's GI doing an upper GI series and taking bloods. Today we are seeing a new neurologist to rule out other possible etiologies behind this feeding issue. So wish us luck and I will keep everyone posted via blog postings. I also apologize for not returning calls and talking on the phone but I hardly have the strength to keep running with Sam like this. I wish I could be more of a friend, a daughter, a sister, wife, etc... Right now I only have enough energy to be a mother. In the meantime here is a montage that I created in a very short time. I wish it was more creative but this is Sam over the past 2 years.


Anonymous said...

Josh, Harrison and I are wishing Sam a VERY HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you discover good news in the near future that will help Sam gain more comfort and give you some peace of mind. i will stay posted!


the Jaffes

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie and Scott,

We just wanted to wish Sam a very happy 2nd birthday. We read this blog everyday for word on Sam's progress and continue to pray for good news. We love you guys and can't wait to see you.

Love your cousins,

Eric and Vanessa

Anonymous said...

Carrie, that was beautiful, I am crying! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!

Remember that your friends and family are not going anywhere. We will still be here even if much time elapses and we do not hear from you, we are still here loving you, praying for your family and looking forward to moments when we may reconnect, even if it is only for a moment.

Wishing Sam and your family all the best on this special day.

With Love,

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!
Carrie, I wish I could come by and give you a break. Reading your post is pulling at my heart! As happy as I am for the progress Sam has made there is still so much for you to do and I am sure you are exhausted.
I am praying that they come to the bottom of his feeding issues - just for a little more peace!

Sam's video is awesome, thanks for sharing it. It had me in tears!


Anonymous said...


Sal, Nicky, Aunt Cin & Uncle Scott

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy b-day sam!!!! good luck to u & scott

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful grandson. Sammy, you bring so much love into my life.

Love you, Mi Ma

Anonymous said...

That video was beautiful, and so is your boy. I will watch it over and over again. Do not feel you need to apologize for anything. We all understand the daily stress you endure. We all just wish that we could give you and your family some peace.

We wish Sam a very happy birthday, and we pray that he will find some relief soon.

Love to all-
The Keeps

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday sam!!!!
hope this year and every year
brings you only the best
please know that you, yourmom and dad are thought about everyday
and you are in all our prayers
we love you
carrie and scott
you are both great
parents- and that is an understatement
your slide show
had me in tears
you did a great job
sam- as always
we miss you
and can't wait
to see you and
your parents
we love you
aunt maddy, uncle lenny
and cousin lindsay

Vanessa and John said...

Happy birthday Sam Sam!! Carrie, just focus all on the things HE is doing today that he wasn't last year!! He is doing awesome!! :) He has progressed and that alone is a wonderful sign! good luck with the appts!

The Goldens said...

The Goldens wish Sam a very happy belated birthday! Big Hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sam! You're a beautiful little boy and I hope that you are feeling better real soon. Your parents are unbelievable!

Debbie said...

He is such a beautiful boy. The slideshow was so nice. Thanks for putting it together to share with us.

And as Nestor would say "You have every reason to do whatever you need to do and not make apologies for it. You have more on your plate than most and people will have to understand that. PERIOD." And if they don't...*@#! 'em!

Carolina said...

happy birthday, Sam!

carrie, he is looking great - such a big boy in those last few pictures! my Olivia will be one in one week and i can't believe how the time has flown...and yet, it seems like yesterday we were going through everything in the NICU, etc. etc...i'm sure you know how i feel. hope you guys are able to celebrate his birthday and i really hope that you find some answers to the feeding issues. please keep us updated.

always thinking and praying for you guys,

Nicole said...

Happy very belated birthday Sam!!!! Carrie- your friends are here to give you support and strength and we totally understand when sometimes it is too exhausting to reach out for it. We will do our best to figure out how we can give you more strength when you need it. Just know that we are here for you whenever and however you need it. Even if we haven't spoken in a while, we will always love you and your family, we are never upset with you, and always hope to give support. We love you always and forever!!!
Nicole S.

Joe and Leanna said...

Happy belated Birthday Sam!

Carrie - the video is very well touched my heart!

He looks great in the video...such a handsome big boy!

Hope all is well!